single work

Ebb and flow
Flux et reflux

Notes on painting

The works depicted are from two distinct bodies of paintings. The dot-based works are all scaled at 12” x 10” and are part of a large ongoing series titled “Brightness Falls From the Air”, itself lifted from James Joyce’s novel “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”. The title in the literary context invokes a scientific/poetic way of observing the natural phenomena that in turn became “food” – inspiration for art (an epiphany in the Joycean sense).


The works are composed of successive layers of pigmented wax and oil paint. The wax is poured on, then incised with a matrix of holes created with different-sized drill bits and small chisels. They are sometimes filled with alternate colours. This process is repeated until some kind of equilibrium – closure -is achieved. The result is that the captured light seems to be radiating from within. Because of the depth of the layers the painting only reveals itself after a sustained viewing.


The second body of work titled “Flow” is more complex and is compositionally distinct from the previous work. It combines different materials in order to form a single surface. The word “flow”, while it describes a formal rhythm, also refers to a mental state where one is so immersed in the task at hand that the temporal experience of time – the subjective experience – is altered. These works are best displayed in distinctive works or clusters. This work dates from 2017 through today (2018), and is being expanded still.